F R E Q U E N T L Y // A S K E D // Q U E S T I O N S

How much is a session?

        Please visit my pricing page for a break down. I do offer customizable wedding packages. I’m known to be very generous with the amount of photos I edit and deliver.

What’s in your camera bag?

        I mainly shoot with a Mark iii, but also have a Mark ii as my back up. I’m almost always shooting with my 50mm 1.4. My second favorite is the               yummy 35mm…or my iPhone 5 😉

Do you have a second shooter?

       Yes! And he’s quite handsome 😉 My husband Dana is quite talented and accompanies me to weddings. Having a second shooter is included in the cost of a standard package. You can see some of his recent work here.

What do you edit your photos with?


How long have you been in “business”?

Really, not quite two years.

Can I share with you my ideas of the session with you?

Yes yes yes! I love it when my clients share their ideas! I want to create with you! I encourage you to make a Pinterest board, send photos, emails, ideas…anything! I’m all ears and hope to collaborate and create special images you’ll be a million percent happy with and that you’ll cherish forever!

How are my photos delivered to me?

       This year I’ve changed things up a bit and only deliver my images via Pass Gallery. It’s an online gallery service that allows you to download all high resolution images in one click! I can’t say enough about Pass Galleries. You can order prints, canvases and just about anything, have your entire gallery at the palm of your finger tips-accessible on any mobile device, and it’s easy to share! All you do is download the images to your computer and boom! delivered!  You can view a sample gallery here.

How long does it take to receive my images after the session?

I give myself two weeks for standard sessions and a month for weddings- but usually deliver images  in half that time.

How long will the images be accessible in the Pass gallery?

One year. The option to renew it is also available for $30- Just let me know and I can renew it for you!

Do you offer mentorships or teach any classes?

        I’d love to meet up with you and see if I can help in any way or answer any questions. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in learning something from me and we can work something out 😉

As far as classes…

I’ve been asked quite a few times if I’ll hold a workshop to teach the basics of lighting, composition and editing.  While I’m not quite there yet, some day I’d like to, and am really thinking of it, but until then, if you’re interested in learning more from me, like I said, shoot me an email and we’ll go from there!

Who are your favorite photographers?

              Ben Sasso

              Logan Cole

              Lamb loves Fox

              Kristin Rogers

              Sarah K Byrne

What is your photography style?

      In so many (made-up) words I’d describe my style as…vintagey, sun flarey, emotive, true, story-telling, fun, real, photo-journalistic-ky, inspiring imagery…or at least that’s my goal. 😉