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Plan Numero Tres: Transforming the look and feel of our home

Three years ago we moved into a late 1970’s built colonial style, suburban home. It has GREAT bones, the priceView full post »

A Time for Transformation

Spring brings thoughts of renewal and a fresh start and that’s exactly where I’m at in my life…andView full post »

Being Purposeful.

I thought I’d write a business update for my blog with two purposes: One, to update friends/clients; and two, toView full post »

By His Grace

I decided to start a new blog to house my 365 project. Since I blog so most of my client sessions, my personal photosView full post »


I’ve been absolutely terrible at blogging our personal outings. We’ve done so much since the beginning ofView full post »

Gracie’s 2nd birthday party

Gracie’s 2nd Birthday Party November 16, 2013 {some} Instagram pictures Search @kelseyarrowoodView full post »

Gracie {21 Months}

You’ve been speaking in sentences for a couple of months now. Your favorite foods are ranch dip and chick filaView full post »


“Enjoy the little things because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” (andView full post »

A poem and a walk…

Happy 20 Months Gracie Rose. You are my joy and my precious gift from God. This poem reminded me of my love forView full post »

Farm life

I love my sisters house. scratch that. WE love my sisters house. …from my iPhone…  View full post »

4th of July

 This year…  last year… Instagram/iPhone pictures The end! view last years 4th here!View full post »

Yesterday we painted…

I love to paint. Yesterday I got out all my art supplies to start working on some owls that I never finished, and alsoView full post »

Gracie Rose is 17 months

It all started with making some head pieces for some little beauties photo shoots. well, some nick nacks from aroundView full post »