My name is Kelsey and I am a natural light lovin’, vintage inspired, on location photographer based in Northern Virginia. I’ve dabbled in many forms of art in my 29 years, and love to express myself creatively, with photography and painting. I love to chat session ideas, scout new gorgeous outdoor locations with my hubby Dana and my daughter Gracie Rose. I live for capturing the {beautiful} ordinary moments in life, but also love coming up with creative and inspiring sessions.

I started photography after I had my daughter Grace. Capturing her ever growing self was so important to me-to have memories to look back on-so it became a hobby-and grew into a passion and business!

Things that make my heart happy are my family, hikes in nature, art galleries and museums, getting caught up in an old movie on TCM, treasure hunting in thrift stores with Dana, audio books, hearing Gracie laugh, my two doggies, animals and animal rescue, cooking, making up new words, palling around town with my Mom, learning, and theology. I love God and seek to honor him with my life and work.

 I realize after being engaged, married, pregnant, and starting my own family, how important photography is. They really are an investment to look back on. I feel that I have an understanding of what you want as a client, because I’ve been in your shoes! That’s why each individual session is thought out, brainstormed and executed with everything that I have. I love doing what I do.

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Photos courtesy of my super hot second shooter & hubby Dana 😉