Plan Number Two: Transforming my Body

So, continuing along with my journey of transformation I wanted to share my plan for change with my body….

Don’t know about you, but getting married and having kids totally put me in the “fat and happy zone.”

See, this is how it works…you’ve finally found the right one. You like to hang out together, go out, eat, drink…be merry. Dana’s a big guy who likes to eat a lot…so I did too…and i gained…

Then I had a baby…and I gained…then I had another baby…and I gained….You get it…

Then fast forward to now and I’m fat and not happy with my mom bod. LOL.

Enter my plan to transform my Mom Bod.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetSo. I’ve done Beachbody-I’m actually a coach (to get the discounts) but haven’t been doing anything with my tapes. Tapes–omg DVD’s….

So, I decided to print myself a schedule and stick to it (Damnit) whether I felt like it or not. And guess what? If you determine yourself to do something and

REALLY want change??? You’ll surprise yourself.

So here’s my plan for my initial weight loss:

First, setting goals.

-I want to wear shorts and feel comfortable in them by the 4th of July. I carry my weight in my legs and I’d LOVE to have toned legs by then to feel comfortable in some cute shorts-not the long mom ones.

-To wear a bikini again would be awesome too…

That means aiming for about 30-35 pound weight loss. Yup. I got FAT.

That’s OK though! Im not going to be for long!!!!

So, my plan was to stick with the programs I have already bought and failed with in the house so I don’t need to purchase anything new. Just start and actually commit (unlike other failed attempts).

February 3rd (so typical of me) I started my weight loss journey and began the T-25 Alpha program. I have two kids with me all the time and I knew 25 minutes was do able.

So far I’m down 16 pounds!


First things first, I went on pinterest and printed off the calendar. This is the Beta, (the second set of 5 weeks) but they have the Alpha schedule as well.

My girl Ashley Daskalaskas who is a Beachbody coach posted that time will pass anyway, you should just make it count! I loved that. I think of that often. Thanks Ashley. Give her a follow for tips and daily encouragement  @ashleydaskalakes

I also saw the quote I wrote on my schedule….People who achieve goals and get to that top of the mountain only get there with hard work and never give up.

As Dana would quote from Couples Retreat….


(LOL..that guy…)


So, daily workouts, drinking lots of water, and eating right. Also, I calculated how many calories I should be eating and started cutting a lot of breads out.

I was eating way too much. Like woah.

Shakeology. I LOVE Shakeology. It makes me feel like I’m having a treat and it fills me up big time.

Chocolate all the way, unsweetened almond milk and a banana. Heaven.

It’s your daily vitamins, curbs cravings and is filling. It’s amazing. So that’s helped.


So, in between Alpha and Beta, I lost my precious dog Ruby…I took the week off with all that going on, and finished it out with a 3 day refresh. I only lost about 2 pounds on that (I’ve heard people can loose a lot doing the refresh)…I was stressed and a mess when I did it and didn’t hardly eat or prep anything, so…I know it could have gone better…..and it wasn’t that bad, I’d do it again…maybe before a vacation or something!


So, to recap…..1. Calculate how many calories you should be eating. Google how to do that.

2. Find a workout program that’s actually DO ABLE. I know 45 min workouts were too much for me and I’d most likely quit half way.

3. Drink tons of water.

4. Stay committed and encouraged. I seriously stalk other peoples fitness instagrams for motivation, search for inspiring workout quotes on pinterest and even watch Khloe Kardashians Revenge Body show.

Stuff like that will keep you motivated.

Oh! I also bought a bathing suit that I want to fit into and a pair of cute shorts and hung them in plain sight to remind myself of my goals….

I’m still on the search to hone down my eating plan. That for me has been my toughest hurdle….if you’d like to share your meal planning tips I’d love it!

Ashley messaged me and said little changes can make BIG changes…so, stay encouraged and just start!

Here’s to staying healthy and feeling good in our bodies!



  • Ashley Daskalakes - Go mama go!! I’m right there with ya! We can do this! I’m so proud of you and LOVE this post and your tips!! Mindset is half the battle! You’re going to reach your goals, no doubt ❤️ReplyCancel

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