A Time for Transformation

Spring brings thoughts of renewal and a fresh start and that’s exactly where I’m at in my life…and well, business.

If you’ve made it here, maybe you’re feeling a transformation coming on too.

A fresh start, and chance at change.

REAL change.



I know for me as a stay at home/working/homeschooling mama I’ve found myself in a rut. It’s easy to get complacent about certain areas of your life when you’re so busy. Trying to juggle it all, trying your best for your family and business.

Well, my testimony as a momma and business owner is this….



Frustration, and well unhappiness set in and I knew I needed to make serious changes to get out of this rut


The abundant life God has called me to live as a child of His…..



I’ve seemed to have let myself go.

Rock bottom looks different for different people. For me it was stepping on the scale, trying to update my website myself, and feeling frustrated with housework.

“This CAN’T be the abundant life God has called me to as His child,” I thought.

A deeper and HONEST look at myself I came to the conclusion that

I’ve been LAZY.

“But I listen to self-help podcasts and audio books, drink juice and eat organic!”

But really, an honest look is I’ve been in planning mode for YEARS.

Dreaming, hoping, wanting, pinning, scrolling through others living their abundant life…but not DOING.

Can I get an AMEN?!

2017-03-20_00052017-03-20_0008And just like that-I’ve decided to not be lazy, to figure out my areas to work on, make a plan, and DO.

It’s time for action.

My Body

My Home

My Family & Relationships

My Business



My Body

I stepped on the scale and was HORRIFIED. Since February 3rd I started a workout program–since then I’ve lost 13.5 pounds and am on a mission to keep that number dropping!

My Home

Overwhelmed. That’s the word for my home. Too much stuff. Too many toys. Not wanting to have a huge weekend of cleaning just to keep up. I’ve made a plan to adopt minimalism and stay sane.

My Family & Relationships

Being more present, having more date nights, being more patient with my kids, taking time for others…reconnecting with God in my devotional time….(making devotional time a priority). I’ve adopted a game plan to reconnect.

My Business

For years I’ve wanted an online experience that really reflected who I am. I’m SO THRILLED to be working with Meg Long Creative for a complete rebrand and website coming June/July! I’m also taking courses to enhance my business and breathe new life into this business I’m so passionate about. New things are coming and I’ve never been more excited!


My banner word for this year is TRANSFORMATION.

I want to live the abundant life God has called all of His children to.

One thing I know is that life is short. I can’t afford to waste another moment NOT passionately chasing after my goals.

These beautiful girls are watching their mamma.

Who do I want them to see?

I’m not afraid (or lazy anymore) to dream big dreams and passionately chase after them! The lifestyle and person I want to be IS attainable.

I just have to put in the hard work.

Time will pass either way…I’m going to make it count!


Are you in a season of transformation?

I’d love to hear from you about it! How are you planning your changes?

Lastly, if you want to follow along with me-follow me on my personal Instagram account and business account.

I’ll be posting on both about all areas of change mentioned above!

Much love,


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